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Good Samaritan gets drugged after attempt to rescue a woman

A Twitter thread by a city resident recounting her ordeal with a woman who drugged her has left Nairobians in shock.

The tweep, Charity Nzomo, narrated how her attempt to be a Good Samaritan brought her into contact with the woman who moments drugged her as she passed through Gachie.

She was on her way to Ruaka from Kitusuru when she saw a woman lying by the roadside.

Instinctively she stopped, alighted from her car and went to check if the woman was alright.

A stranger at the scene informed her that this is the usual behavior of the woman after drinking herself to a stupor.

She then decided to leave the scene, but another woman approached her with a request for a hitch to a nearby destination. She agreed.

As she drove off, she started feeling light-headed and suddenly got alarmed. Her condition worsened and she started getting suspicious of being drugged by her passenger.

At the Gachie – Limuru Road junction, she ordered the woman to disembark or she would scream. The woman got out and ran away.

Five minutes later, Charity was able to regain composure and drove home.

Below is her full account.