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Google releases list of hilarious searches by Kenyans in May

Hilarious topics dominated the list of trending searches on Google in the month of May.

On the ‘How To’ category, most Kenyans went to the search engine to learn more on ‘How to stop prolonged menses.’

Users wanted to know the solution to the condition, known as menorrhagia, which is usually caused by a hormonal imbalance, stress, excessive weight loss or gain among other factors.

The second most trending ‘How to’ search was ‘How to make simple fruit cake at home’. It highlighted the increasing interest on baking as an emerging business venture in the country.

Third on the list was ‘How to style mambo twist’, a new hair style by braids that are carefully arranged at the top of the head.

Also among the most searched items was ‘How to have bigger hips’.

Alex Kariuki, a fitness trainer at Gym and Tone it and the personal trainer of socialite Corazone Kwamboka, told Nairobi News that Kenyan women have of late preferred waist training.  It is a search for the ultimate to have a slender middle section that will in turn make the behind more pronounced.

It has become a demand that gym instructors are forced to deal with, he said.

“It is a demand that we have to deal with that is very tricky, because fitness is for the whole body and not a particular part of it,” said Alex.

And as the deadline for tax returns nears, most Kenyans searched for ‘How to file taxes online’. The Kenya Revenue Authority has said it will no longer allow manual tax returns. The deadline is June 31.

Other trending ‘How to’ searches were How to lose weight fast, How to make lemonade, How to solve a rubix cube, How to use a computer and How to care for natural hair.