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Google launches virtual exhibition to showcase 3,000 years of fashion – VIDEO

Technology giant Google’s Arts and Culture in collaboration with African Heritage Fashion House and Mcensal School of Fashion launched a new virtual exhibition project in Kenya that will showcase 3,000 years of the world’s fashion and style.

The project dubbed ‘We wear culture’ will see Goggle team up with over 180 renowned cultural institutions from around the world, and will let people explore the history of clothes dating as early as 3,000 years ago.

Using state-of-the-art technology, the project will allow you to explore everything from the ancient Silk Road, through the courtly fashions of Versatile, to British punk and the stories behind the clothes people wear today.

Traditional African textiles and costumes by African Heritage House are now available online as part of the global exhibition opening today.

Kenya was the only country in Africa chosen to be among the more than 40 countries that participated in Thursday’s launch.

Speaking during the launch at African Heritage House, Alan Donovan, founder and director said:

“The Google Arts & Culture platform will provide unlimited access to our world class collection of African artifacts through 3D technology providing an outstanding experience to online visitors. This will help promote and preserve aspects of African culture facing extinction. In addition, we hope that the app will encourage documentation and learning of African culture.”


Fashion experts, curators and designers as well as universities, museums and NGOs from around the world collaborated on the exhibition to show that fashion is a part of our culture, a form of art and a result of true craftsmanship.

Google’s state-of-the-art technology, including virtual reality, 360° videos, Street View and ultra-high resolution “gigapixel” images were used to preserve the collections and make them available for everyone.

Amit Sood, director of Google Arts & Culture added, “We invite everyone to browse the exhibition on their phones or laptops and learn about the stories behind what you wear. You might be surprised to find out that your jeans or the black dress in your wardrobe have a centuries-old story. What you wear is true culture and more often than not a piece of art.”

Fashion and textiles enthusiasts can explore over 400 online exhibitions and stories sharing a total of 50,000 photos, videos and other documents on world fashion, on the project’s website and through the Google Arts and Culture app on iOS and Android.

The project brings together the collection of African Heritage House and Mcensal School of Fashion with over 180 emblematic institutions.

The stories of four iconic pieces that shaped fashion history are brought to life in virtual reality films that one can watch on YouTube or with a virtual reality viewer.