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Goons unleash terror in city hotel to defend Sonko’s reign – VIDEO

Drama unfolded at the Boulevard Hotel in the city centre on Monday after unidentified men attacked a former Nairobi Central Business District Association (NCBDA) official during a press conference.

Former NCBDA chairman Timothy Muriuki was stopped from reading his press statement by two men who ejected him from the hotel located on Harry Thuku Road, just opposite the Kenya Broadcasting Corporation head office.

The men said that they would not allow Mr Muriuki to tarnish Governor Mike Sonko’s name.

Strangely, Mr Muriuki press statement had nothing but praises for Governor Sonko.

The men grabbed Mr Muriuki and forcefully led him out of the hotel as he pleaded with them to let him finish reading the statement and hear what he had to say.

The men would not listen.


At some point in the scuffle, they argued between themselves whether to throw Mr Muriuki into the swimming pool.

They only stopped when confronted by journalists.

Mr Muriuki was thrown out of the hotel premises where other men on motorcycles started beating him and even pushed him into a puddle of dirty water along the pavement.

He sought refuge at the nearby Norfolk Towers apartments.

Journalists who waited for him outside the apartments were chased away by Administration Police officers who arrived shortly after the chaos.

“I don’t know why they were harassing me. They must have been briefed that there was a guy who wanted to bash the governor, but as you can see from the statement, I am actually in support of him,”Mr Muriuki told the Nation.


He said he needs to recover first before thinking of the next steps following the incident.

Part of the statement said that Nairobians should stop blaming all the current problems they are facing on Governor Sonko because he inherited them from the previous regime.

Mr Muriuki, in the press statement, also urged Kenyans to give the governor space to choose his deputy in peace.