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Gor Mahia players down tools in data bundles row

Gor Mahia players have again downed their tools while demanding three months’ salary arrears.

The decision comes at a time the government has indefinitely suspended sports activities in a bid to tame the spread of Covid-19.

Nairobi News understands the situation is so dire that players say they are unable to afford data bundles to help relay captured video of their individual training sessions to the technical bench.

Due to the ban on public gatherings, the players have been sending long individual training videos to Portuguese coach Carlos Manuel Vaz Pinto and the technical bench to prove that they are keeping fit.

However, they have since abandoned the program saying life is unbearable in the city and they can’t afford even the little money required to buy mobile data bundles.

“The club WhatsApp group is silent and nobody is communicating to us even the team manager. It is true players have resorted to finding other ways of surviving during this harsh economic time. How do I send the coach videos of individual training yet I can’t afford the money for bundles,” said a player who revealed that he is now focusing on joining another team during the coming transfer window.

“I have decided to move on with my life and my parents are assisting in paying my rent while sending me some foodstuff from the village. If sports continue to be suspended and the government fails to unlock the country, I will have no option but to relocate to my rural home,” another said.

Gor Mahia Treasurer Dolphina Odhiambo confirmed the players had not been paid because they are yet to get money from their sponsors, Betsafe. He blamed the club fans for abandoning the club and told the players that ‘making noise’ over the issue wouldn’t help them.

“I opened a merchandise shop and nobody is coming to buy. I’m forced to look for my friends to purchase the jerseys. None is subscribing to the skiza tune and yet the fans are the ones lamenting on the current situation,” said Odhiambo.

The official insisted that the club is currently very broke and it can do nothing to help the players. He promised that as soon as Betsafe releases the money to the club, the players will be prioritized.