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Gor Mahia stewards meeting turns ugly as goons unleash terror

February 15th, 2017 1 min read

Goons stormed Gor Mahia’s secretariat on Tuesday evening and unleashed terror on a select group of club officials plus a group of youth who were attending a “stewards” meeting, Nairobi News understands.

Reports of the incident, which occurred at the Nyayo Stadium based offices were confirmed by an employee of the club, via her official Facebook page late on Tuesday.

Nobody was injured in the attack, but sources within club say blows, slaps and kicks were exchanged during the brief scuffle.

The confrontation by about half a dozen youth was said to have been occasioned by rivalry between two camps of recently elected officials, chiefly owing to the control of match stewards.


“One official is said to have fired a group of stewards who have been serving the club for the past three seasons, and consequently hired a new group. When the meeting between the new stewards and the select group of officials was taking place, the other group stormed the offices to cause mayhem,” the source said.

“It is about control of the gate collections. Stewards manage the gates and at times control who enters the stadium. Any Gor Mahia game realizes atleast Sh1 million from the game. Do the maths,” the source added.

The current crop of Gor Mahia officials, led by long serving chairman Ambrose Rachier, were only elected into office last December to serve a three year term.