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Gospel artist Mr. Seed denies Ringtone’s ‘conman’ claims

The move by gospel singer Ringtone to refer to his colleague Mr. Seed as a ‘conman’ has elicited a heated exchange between the two on social media.

The exchange of words comes amid a successful launch of Mr. Seed’s new album Black Child, which has gained airtime on music charts and YouTube, specifically the leading track ‘Only One’ featuring Masauti, which Ringtone, real name Alex Apoko, highlighted at a recent interview.

“As far as I’m concerned, Mr. Seed is a conman because he called us (to his album launch) just like Daddy Owen did today. We went to support his work and we contributed money thinking he (Mr. Seed) was going to invest the money in releasing gospel songs in order to grow the gospel music industry but Mr. Seed took the money and went to shoot songs with women saying that ‘women are the remedy to cold’),” claimed Ringtone.

Not done, Ringtone faulted Mr. Seed for secular phrases in his songs, demanding his money back. “Mr Seed is a conman. I would like him to refund my money, I contributed around Ksh. 50,000. Not the one I gave his mother, she is a parent, that is OK. He lied that he is launching a gospel album, but it was secular,” he added.

Responding to the allegations, Mr. Seed, real Name Moses Taurus Omondi, noted that Ringtone was just bitter with life hence forcing him to make hideous claims.

“I think Ringtone has bitterness towards life because you can’t say I conned you. I think on my side I didn’t like being called a con, but at the end of the day we all know Ringtone.”

Ringtone was recently involved in a roadside drama involving blogger Robert Alai in which he claimed to have been assaulted. The case is still active in court.