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Gospel artiste Kaki Mwihaki reveals harrowing experience of Diaspora abuse

Renowned gospel artiste Roseline Mwihaki, popularly known as Kaki Mwihaki, has bravely shared her harrowing experience of abuse in the diaspora through a heartfelt post on her social media pages.

The former member of the renowned gospel band, Adawnage disclosed details of the abuse she endured while living in a friend’s house, accompanied by a photo revealing scars from the traumatic incident.

In her candid revelation, Kaki disclosed:

“This day should have been the straw that broke the camel’s back because not only had it happened before, but here I was, enduring it again.”

She narrated that the person responsible for the abuse apologized, urging her not to report the incident, citing potential damage to his reputation and legal consequences.

Kaki shared her story to impart lessons learned and to shed light on the mistreatment she endured.

The incident occurred recently in May 2023 in the United States, within the diaspora, perpetrated by someone who had offered her a place to stay.

She emphasized that this did not happen in her home country, Kenya.

“I want to remind you that your safety and well-being are of the utmost importance,” Kaki asserted, encouraging others to prioritize their protection and seek help if needed.

She reassured survivors that removing themselves from a toxic environment does not define them negatively and commended their strength and resilience.

In a message of solidarity, Kaki urged those facing dangerous situations to reach out for support. “You are not alone, and I’m here for you. Take care and stay strong,” she expressed.

The gospel artiste also clarified that the revelation was a Throwback Thursday (TBT) post, not a real-time event, expressing gratitude for the supportive messages from her followers.

“Thank you for all your loving messages. I’m just learning not everyone can join the broadcast channel. I appreciate you all. I’ll leave this throwback here & will see you in my next post.”