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Gospel musician lynched for claiming twin was murdered in ritual killing

Gospel musician Ali Mukhwana was lynched online on Subday after claiming that his twin was murdered in accordance to Luhya culture.

Mukhwana, during a live interview on Citizen TV’s Gospel Sunday show, said his twin brother had to be killed for him to survive.

Sceptical Kenyans online descended on him with, demanding for specifics of his sub tribe since the Luhya community is composed of 17 sub-tribes, most of whom do not share cultural practices.

Users felt the generalization of Luhya culture was dishonest of him.

Others said there is no Luhya culture that advocated for the killing of one twin.

The singer had to quickly defend himself saying he was a child and was only told the story by his mother.


Eshichumah Reloaded Ingwee commented; “Which Luhya culture is that? We have so many twins in Mumias who are even much older than this Mukhwana guy stop tarnishing our culture.”

Doris Muila added; “My sister gave birth to twins, second pregnancy she gave birth to twins again, she is married to a luhya in Bungoma, the children are now big girls and a boy, so that’s not a Luhya culture but maybe your sub tribe culture.”

Victor Snr Wambeo wrote; “I can only put it the way I understand his testimony and being a luhyia, there are some clans that believes firstborn twins is a curse, mine included. So, it is true but NOT ALL Luhya clans. The way he put it was right, but our understanding and take on this matter is different. It was a belief in those days, now salvation & Christianity is fading it away, BUT IT EXISTS. Thanks Ali Mukhwana for putting this, though you never elaborated well for them. Your testimony is big my bro. Baraka kwako.”

Mukhwana in his defense said; “This happened long time ago when I was too young sir ni story hata mimi mwenyewe sikuwa najua niliambia na mamangu pia soi waluya wote hata my twin brother hakuzikwa kwetu alizikwa kwa wajomba watu sababu ya mila na desturi sir don’t judge me plz.”