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Gospel singer David Aliwah breaks silence after surviving fatal road accident

Gospel singer and actor David Aliwah has broken his silence after a fatal road accident that his Theatrix Arts Ensemble team, including himself, was involved in.

Speaking to Nairobi News on Wednesday, Aliwah said that not everyone in the team got injured as some came out of the accident unscathed. Some had minor injuries, one a shoulder dislocation; and are currently recuperating, except for Faith Nduku who is still admitted at the Kenyatta National Hospital with serious injuries to her pelvic area and broken right lower limb.

Aliwah said he was thankful that Ms Nduku hadn’t fallen into a coma or lost her memory.

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“Mentally, we received counselling on that fateful day and we have small meetings to talk. There are others we have allowed to go home to their families and when we are able, we get services from people who are able to talk to us and encourage us be it pastors. We are trying to monitor everyone and I call everyone to see how they are doing including the family of the deceased,” said Aliwah.

The Theatrix fraternity met on Tuesday, August 30, 20222, to chart the way forward because they are now in need of funds to cater for Ms Nduku’s hospital bills as well as Dennis Mwandoe’s funeral bills.

Mwandoe was the only fatality in the grisly accident that involved the public service vehicle they were traveling in, a trailer and a lorry.

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“Financially we are not well. It is a strain on all of us because of how Covid-19 impacted the industry. We had many people assist us so we were lucky to not have been stranded in bringing people back to the city after the accident. Now we just want to fundraise and the funds are being channeled the Ensemble’s group number,” Aliwah said.

The funds will also cater for the ongoing treatment of those still needing medical attention aside from Ms Nduku.

The accident occurred last Friday morning at Karai area near Naivasha. According to Aliwah, the trailer hit their matatu from the behind, causing it to roll three times and the instant death of Mwandoe.

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A day before the accident, in a video seen by Nairobi News, Mwandoe was among his team members, dancing the day away without a care in the world.

Details regarding his funeral arrangements are yet to be made public even as Mwandoe’s body lies at the Kenyatta National Hospital mortuary.

We at Nairobi News send our condolences and heartfelt prayers to the family and friends of the late Dennis Mwandoe. We also wish Faith Nduku a quick recovery.