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Gospel singer Evelyne Wanjiru shares struggles of waiting for first child

Renowned gospel duo, the Agundas, Evelyne Wanjiru and her husband Agunda Bweni have candidly discussed the trials and tribulations they faced during their journey to parenthood.

In an interview with The Murayas, Size 8 and DJ Mo, on their reality TV show “Love in The Wild,” airing on TV47 every Sunday, the Agundas revealed the struggles they endured over the years while longing for a child.

The couple recounted how they coped with the heartache of childlessness by buying children’s clothes during their travels abroad, even though they had not yet been blessed with a child.

Despite being married for a decade, their first child was born in 2022.

“We started buying baby clothes when we were only 4 years into marriage… walking by faith. We even made the room for our baby, and it stayed for 5 years without a baby,” shared the Agundas during the emotional conversation.

Size 8 emphasized the lack of understanding and support from some men in similar situations, noting that infidelity and abandonment are common responses.

However, she commended the Agundas for their unwavering commitment to each other.

“Most men opt to look for side chicks and end up getting kids out of wedlock and eventually they even leave their wives. But from Agunda, we have seen that this is a man who loves with Agape love,” Size 8 remarked.

Agunda attributed his principled nature as a key factor in navigating the challenges they faced, highlighting the importance of remaining steadfast in marriage vows.

“So many times I felt like I was failing him, but I did not want to show him,” Evelyn said.

Acknowledging the difficulty of discussing such personal matters, Size 8 praised the Agundas for their resilience and dedication to their marriage despite the hurdles they encountered.

“I applaud this couple, and a big thumbs up to Agunda. I really celebrate this couple because most men don’t know how to endure when there is a childbearing issue in the family,” Size 8 added.

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