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Gospel singer Grace Mwai asks fans to ‘keep off’ her man

Gospel singer Grace Mwai has called on the public to respect her union with lover Hiram Maina alias Kamuhunjia in the wake of comments regarding their age difference.

Speaking on his YouTube channel, the couple noted their lives have been under scrutiny because they are public figures and that trolls always hide under pseudo accounts.

The singer added they had decided to do a vlog to shun rumors and disrespectful comments on their age difference and called on people to respect them.

Kamuhunjia said, “It is very very sad to see such comments and maybe it is someone who is not in a marriage set up or someone at home who likes talking without even knowing. Online people have been saying ‘Kamuhunja you are very young, ooh Grace is older than you.”

Grace said that because one is a celebrity, trolls feel like they are obliged to make the harshest of comments, citing that it is too bad there are no regulatory measures to control such accounts.

“We have been put in a place where as public figures we’ll have to be super strong. Because we have been put in a place whereby people feel they have an opinion and they can say anything about us,” Grace said.

She added that her age difference with her partner is not abnormal.

“Whatever has happened to us even if there is an age difference of one or two years, the age difference doesn’t matter. Is it an abnormal thing when there is an age difference between you and your partner? By itself, it is not an abnormal thing.”

She also stated that what makes it look ‘abnormal’ is the fact that they are public figures.

As Grace remarked that she’s the one God chose for Kamuhunjia, she noted that she knew their fans had someone in mind whom both should have chosen as their husband and wife.

The couple officially met in 2018, and Hiram said he was shocked that Grace had never heard of him.

The pair met at Inooro TV where they used to work together.

The two are set to tie the knot as Kamuhunjia proposed to the singer about two weeks ago, and Grace said yes.