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Gospel star Muigai Wa Njoroge pays dowry for second wife in lavish ceremony

In a celebratory event unfolding in Ndeiya, Kiambu County today, renowned gospel singer Muigai Wa Njoroge is fulfilling a significant cultural tradition by paying dowry for his second wife, Queen Stacey.

The event, christen in Kikuyu as ruracio is currently underway, and the first wife is conspicuously missing.

The grand event has captured the attention of many, with Nairobi News positioned on-site to provide the latest updates on this posh affair.

Muigai’s decision to marry Queen Stacey as his second wife stirred discussions in the past, as he explained his motivation to provide stability for his children.

“I couldn’t allow the mother of my children to wander while taking care of my kids. I have chosen to have two wives for a reason,” he stated.

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Notably, the absence of Muigai’s first wife, Njeri wa Muigai, in the event has raised questions regarding the dynamics of their polygamous marriage.

Arriving at the venue in a sleek grey Lexus car at 3:00 pm, Muigai made an entrance that turned heads.

Muigai Wa Njoroge makes and entrance at his ruracio in Kiambu. PHOTO| Elizabeth Ngigi

He led a lively dance with his groomsmen, attired in white shirts and black trousers, into the venue.

Muigai’s ensemble consisted of all-white attire, accentuated by a long sleeveless coat adorned with half-gold and half-snow-colored accents.

Notorious for maximizing every moment, scenes from the ruracio ceremony will be featured in his upcoming music video.

The event’s Master of Ceremonies is the popular Kikuyu music artist Karangu wa Muraya.

Dignitaries attending the occasion include Kiambu Senator Karungo Wa Thangwa, media personality Njogu Wa Njoroge, comedian Desagu, and many more.

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Keep it here for further updates from the captivating event. Here are some photos from the event.

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