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Goverment launches tractors to boost agricultural productivity

The government has reaffirmed its commitment to helping farmers access mechanisation services to boost production and improve food security in the country.

Speaking at the launch of Mahindra Tractors in partnership with Simba Colt Aspire Ltd, Principal Secretary for Agriculture Paul Ronoh underscored the critical role of mechanisation services in boosting agricultural productivity.

The PS said the move will help transform farming practices while improving efficiency in agricultural processes.

“As a government, we are ready to provide the necessary support to farmers to ensure that they have access to modern machinery that will ultimately contribute to increased productivity and food security,” Dr Ronoh said.

The event, held in Nairobi, was attended by several dignitaries including Industry Minister Juma Mukhwana, Busia Governor Paul Otuoma, Indian High Commissioner Namgya C. Khampa and representatives of the SimbaCorp Group.

Governor Otuoma who was present at the event, gave an insight into the county’s involvement in the initiative.

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His administration has already rolled out the service and aims to use the tractors to cultivate 20,000 hectares of land, benefiting nearly 150,000 registered farming households.

Otuoma emphasised the importance of proper mechanised tillage, complemented by agricultural extension services and subsidised farm inputs, in line with the district economic revitalisation programme.

“Proper mechanised tillage, agricultural extension services and subsidised farm inputs are critical to efforts to monetise rural communities through the Ward-Based Economic Revitalisation Programme,” said Otuoma.

The initiative is aimed at improving rural livelihoods and agricultural practices to promote sustainable development.

Farmers seeking the mechanisation service in the district are required to prepare their farms and register at the district agricultural offices by paying Sh2,500 per hectare.

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This cost covers the use of the tractor for ploughing and the programme aims to achieve a production target of 20-25 bags of maize per acre, contributing significantly to increased agricultural yields and the overall wellbeing of farming communities.

The launch represents a collaborative effort between the government, private sector and local authorities to revolutionise agricultural practices and promote food security in the country.