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Government begs for Kenyans trust in Housing Fund project

The government’s plan to construct affordable houses is facing resistance from Kenyans because most of them doubt the project will be implemented.

During a press briefing at State House on May 24, 2023, Housing and Urban Development Principal Secretary (PS) Charles Hinga sought to clarify a number of issues regarding the project which has elicited various reactions among Kenyans.

The PS stressed that President William Ruto’s government is not introducing another type of tax through the affordable housing project.

He admitted the government has been struggling with the Housing Fund due to trust deficit among Kenyans, and believability.

“Why we are struggling with this Housing Fund is because of three things; trust deficit. We must put in enough safeguards so that we can be able to win the trust; believability and that is why we had to do the piloting program,” he said.

The PS explained that the Housing Fund had two schemes which he described as voluntary and mandatory.

He said through the project, Kenyans will be employed and the economy will grow since many items will be acquired from Kenyans.

“We will not import doors from China, we will not import doors from India or windows. There are 69 items that will be produced here,” PS Hinga said.

He added that in the event someone will not be in need of a house, the government will return his savings.

“We will give you back your money plus your return if you don’t want an affordable housing unit.”

President Ruto has separately urged Kenyans to assist in contributions towards the housing fund saying it is a project that will help the country solve the challenge of affordable housing.

In a recent television interview, the President said it was unfortunate that millions of Kenyans still live in slums. He asked Kenyans to make the contributions towards enabling an improved standard of living to their colleagues in lower settlement areas.

Kenyans are set to contribute 3% of their salaries towards the fund, an amount that will be matched by the employer.

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