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Government to help detained Kenyan in Tanzania

The government of Kenya, through the Foreign Cabinet Secretary Dr Alfred Mutua has directed its officials in Tanzania to intervene over the detained Kenyan national.

The CS reiterated on Tuesday morning that every Kenyan outside Kenya would receive attention and support regardless of the situation.

“I have noted the online clip of Kenyan Frederick Omondi who is being held in Tanzania. I have directed our Tanzanian team to find out the whole story and to assist him. As I had said earlier, every Kenyan who is outside Kenya will receive attention and support regardless of the situation,” CS said.

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The information about Mr Omondi was circulated on Monday when he narrated his story to Kenyan YouTuber Abel Mutua.

According to Mr. Omondi, his arrival in Tanzania in 2016 to seek greener pastures was an ordeal.

He alleged that he is being falsely accused of robbing his close friend Sh2.5 million, and he now needs help from the Kenyan government.

Mr. Omondi is set to appear in court for a hearing on Friday.

“I stayed in Dar es Salaam Police Station for seven days in a place called Tabata, and from there I was taken to Iringa, where I stayed for another three weeks,” Mr. Omondi said.

He added that during his detention in Iringa, the police interrogated him and mentioned to him that he used to steal money from his former director and suspiciously dropped the case.

“They came up with a new case while I’m still in police cell, and they have taken my passport.”

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After spending a month in police custody, he was arraigned, and the prosecution asked the court for a month to complete the investigation.

The court allowed the prosecution to detain him for a month, but Mr. Omondi pleaded with the court to release him on bail to go and attend to his wife, who was pregnant by then.

“Meanwhile the case has been dragging on, when we go to the court we are being told the investigation is not complete…I eventually got to Kenyan embassy and complained.”

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He said that the Kenyan embassy wrote to the Interior PS in Tanzania, who informed him that the matter would be attended to.

However, up to date, his case is still in court, and he is not in a position to get a lawyer, and he is running out of options.

“I’m in a tight spot. Right now. All that I’m asking for is not too much…if the Ministry of Foreign Affairs in Nairobi can ask the embassy in Dar es Salaam to come and be observers, they will be scared that the big brother is watching and everyone will run a way and I will be free.”

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