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Government lowers Unga prices

The government has subsidized the price of maize flour in the country after months of the precious commodity retailing at an all-time high of Sh200.

Thus, the price of a 2kg packet of Unga will not retail at Sh100.

The government in a statement confirmed the decision to subsidize the prices was reached at following consultation with the National Treasury, Cereal Millers Association, and Grain Mill Owners Association.

“The Millers shall continue to purchase maize available on the market at the market rates,” the statement read.

The Ministry has also deployed market surveillance teams to ensure that sifted maize flour is sold at the maximum recommended retail price stated.

The high price made the commodity unattainable for the majority of Kenyans who decried the poor economy.

Earlier, the government blamed the Covid-19 effects and the Russia-Ukraine invasion as the cause of the price surge.

The price of Unga aroused debate in the country as the leading political entities pointed fingers at each other for being silent while Kenyans are suffering.

According to Deputy President William Ruto of the Kenya Kwanza Alliance, President Uhuru Kenyatta and the Azimio flag bearer Raila Odinga were to blame for the issue.

However, President Kenyatta said his government was doing all it could to ensure Kenyans access the commodity.

Mr Odinga assured Kenyans he will if he wins the August 2022 polls, would lower food prices as his first task in the office.