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Government releases list of essential service providers

The government has published a new list of personnel classified as essential services providers who will not be affected by the newly-revised curfew hours.

Interior CS Fred Matiang’i released the information following President Uhuru Kenyatta’s move to institute a fresh lockdown last week.

Here is the list of the new essential service providers who will be allowed to pass the police roadblocks and also move past the curfew hours.

Medical professionals

Health workers

National security officers

Licensed pharmaceutical companies

Licensed media houses and broadcasters

Kenya Railways Corporation staff

Kenya Ports Authority staff

Kenya Pipeline Corporation staff

Kenya Pipeline Company and distribution staff

Water service providers

Kenya Revenue Authority staff

Kenya Airport Authority staff

Kenya Airways staff

Kenya Civil Aviation Authority staff

Licensed supermarkets and mini markets and supermarkets

Fire brigade and emergency response services

Licensed security firms

Postal courier services

Retailers of petroleum and oil products

The agricultural and manufacturing sector, includes those in food and farm produce processors and distributors

In the five counties, President Kenyatta reviewed the curfew hours from 10pm-4 am to 8pm to 4am.