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Government spends Sh250 million on sunflower seeds

The government has announced the importation of 21 metric tonnes of sunflower seeds which will be distributed to farmers across the country.

Government Spokesperson Dr Isaac Mwaura said that the government spent Sh250 million to import the seeds from Zambia, which is a show of commitment by the Kenya Kwanza Administration to the edible oil value chain.

“The government has also imported 21 metric tons of sunflower seeds from Zambia costing Sh250 million to be distributed free to farmers as our key commitment to the edible oil value chain. This will in turn reduce the cost of cooking oil by reducing our edible oil imports,” Dr Mwaura said.

This comes as a long-term solution to reduce the price of cooking oil in the country as investigation over the controversial importation of 125,000 metric tonnes of duty-free cooking oil continues.

Recently, Kenya National Trading Corporation (KNTC) managing director Ms Pamela Mutua resigned after being probed by the investigation authorities over the importation of Sh16.5 billion in edible oil.

In his address to the media on Thursday, the Spokesperson stated that President William Ruto is committed to reducing the cost of living.

The government also announced that in readiness for the planting season, the government is distributing subsidized fertilizer for the long rains to registered farmers at Sh2,500 per bag.

Distribution of subsidized fertilizer started last month with a consignment of 240,000 bags of NPK 23:23:0 being dispatched to NCPB depots and other distribution centers.

“Over 32,420 bags have been delivered to early planting counties of Narok, Nakuru, Bomet, Migori, Kisii, and Nyamira.”

He said that from August 2023 to January 26, 449,191 farmers were served through E-Voucher where 2,445,097 bags of fertilizer were sold to farmers valued at a value of Sg6.178 billion.

“The 6.4 million farmers registered under the Kenya Management Information System (KIAMIS), are able to access the subsidized fertilizer through the e-voucher system. The voucher messages are redeemable at NCPB depots and last-mile distribution centers.”

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