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Government spokesperson Isaac Mwaura explains impacts of an absent father figure

Government Spokesperson, Honorable Isaac Mwaura has talked about his journey of fatherhood and the profound impact it has had on his life.

In an interview on KTN’s “Art of Living” segment, Mwaura spoke about the absence of his own father and how raising his son, Njiru, has filled a void he long felt.

“I discovered the love of a father through raising my son because I never experienced a single of that,” Mwaura revealed, reflecting on his upbringing.

“I have never met my father and it leaves that serious void in you.”

Addressing the societal misconception surrounding fatherlessness, Mwaura emphasised the importance of paternal presence in shaping individuals’ lives.

“Men who sire children out there and just go away should know that they are just destroying a whole generation because there is some incompleteness that comes with it,” he asserted.

Mwaura shared the heartbreaking loss experienced by his family in 2017 when two of their triplets, a girl and a boy, passed away shortly after being born prematurely.

Reflecting on his own journey of seeking paternal connections, Mwaura admitted to searching for his father but eventually stopped, realising the toll it took on his mother and himself.

“I realised when I asked my mother about that I am trying to fight the victim,” he confessed.

Despite the challenges, Mwaura expressed profound gratitude for the lessons his son has taught him about fatherhood.

“My son has taught me the beauty of a father, and it is amazing and it is genuine,” he affirmed.

Balancing his responsibilities as a government spokesperson, husband, and father, Mwaura credited his relationship with God for providing strength and guidance.

“My relationship with God has helped me balance all the assignments God has given me,” he shared.

In a moment of lightheartedness, Mwaura also addressed stereotypes surrounding gender roles, confidently stating his stance on cooking.

“I don’t cook. I am an African male and without any apology… I don’t cook, and that does not make me any less of a man,” he said.

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