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Government urges Kenyans to collect Huduma Namba cards

The national government is set to unveil a portal and interactive voice response (IVR) system to help ease the collection of Huduma Namba cards after it emerged about 2.5 million are yet to be collected.

The development comes after government spokesperson Cyrus Oguna confirmed Kenyans had collected only half of the 5.5 million new look identification cards that have so far been processed.

This as he also revealed phase two of registration is ready for roll out for those who missed the first phase with all logistical matters already in place.

He pointed out that Kenyans will through the new system be able to track the progress of their cards as well as have any issue regarding the same addressed.

“Previously we had the toll free number 0800221111 but we are moving away from that by creating a portal that you will log in and it will inform you the status of your Huduma card. Once the portal is ready, you will be notified about it,” said Oguna.

In March, Oguna said at least 37 million Kenyans had been registered by the time the Sh9.6 billion exercise closed in May last year and are now waiting to receive their cards.

In the meantime, he stated that those who registered will continue receiving two SMS notifications to inform them the card is ready for collection.

The first message will have a link, that once opened will prompt an individual to choose a preferred point of collection of the Huduma Card while the second message will notify the card is ready for collection and where to collect based on the choice one made after opening the link on the first message

“To those that are unable to make this choice via phone, there is a toll-free number 0800221111 where you can be assisted.

Oguna urged Kenyans to collect their cards with the exercise going on at the sub-County level within the national registration bureau offices.

He made it clear that the card is free and there is no payment to be given to collect the cards, allaying fears created by some reports that Sh100 was being charged to access the cards.

“The only reason we can give for that is that we receive messages that notify us about the readiness of our cards to be collected but many times we don’t necessarily respond to those messages,” he said.

“Notifications come via phone informing you that your card is ready for collection. The message stays for 48 hours then it disappears before the card is taken to a place where you registered as your place of residence. It is therefore important that we respond once we get the messages,” added Oguna.

On the second phase of registration, the spokesperson said the exercise will be conducted at the National Registration Bureau (NRB) (ID-card offices) at the Sub-County offices at a date to be announced soon.

“For those who did not get to register, do not panic as the next phase is coming and is not far away from today,” he said.