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Government wants Kenyans to ‘spy’ on their ‘foreign neighbours’

The Department of Immigration on Friday urged Kenyans to give details of any foreigners leaving in their neighbourhoods in order for them to take action.

These comes after more than 25 Nigerians were arrested in Nairobi estates of Kasarani, Roysambu, Mirema area for being in the country illegally after their Visa validity elapsed.

In its weekly Tweeter interaction with Kenyans the department’s topic was illegal migrants.

“Share all you have in regards to today’s topic, Report if any around your area, We will, please give detailed info like exact location if any, it will be of help,” one tweet read.

They added that most of these illegal immigrants normally crowd in one house where you will find more than five people living in a single room.

Landlords were also advised to kindly ask for their valid stay documents in Kenya before they rent any foreigner a house.

At the same time Kenyans on Twitter took the opportunity to report where they see the immigrants.