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Governor has congregants in stitches after declaring ambition to be a preacher

Kirinyaga Governor Joseph Ndathi has declared that he will be a preacher when he retires from politics.

Mr Ndathi told worshipers on Sunday at St Paul’s Kibingoti Anglican Church in Ndia constituency that he is an ardent reader of the Bible and that he loved serving God.

“When I quit politics I will be a preacher and win lost souls,” said Mr Ndathi amid prolonged laughter from the congregants.

Mr Ndathi insisted that he is a born-again christian and that there was nothing good like serving God.

“Once I serve my two terms in office I will take up the bible and preach to the people of God. I will be at the pulpit,” said Mr Ndathi.

However, Mr Ndathi told those who are eyeing to unseat him to brace themselves for a bruising political battle.


“There are people who have come out to oppose me. I want to tell them that I’m fully prepared to face them in the ballot box. It will not be an easy ride for them,” said Mr Ndathi.

Mr Ndathi said that the Jubilee Party nominations will be free and fair.

“Some aspirants think they will be favoured and get a direct Jubilee Party nomination ticket to run for a seat of governor in the region.They will be shocked,” he said.

He called on those seeking to dislodge him in the next elections to pray first as it will not be an easy ride.

“Getting elected as a governor is an uphill task. My opponents will sweat and lose miserably,” said Mr Ndathi.

Those who have joined the governor’s race in the region are former Devolution Cabinet Secretary Anne Waiguru, the Kirinyaga central MP, Gachoki Gitari and an economist, Bedan Kagai.

The Governor also called on the residents to support President Uhuru Kenyatta 2017 re-election.

“When elections come you should turn out in large numbers and vote for President Kenyatta,” he said.


Mr Ndathi dismissed claims by critics that his government had not achieved much in terms of development.

Mr Ndathi said his government had constructed 20 dispensaries and awarded Sh180 million through bursaries to the needy secondary and college students.

“We have also constructed modern Early Childhood Development Education toilets, markets and provided clean drinking water in the semi-arid Mwea Sub-county and other areas. There are many more projects we have started and completed in the region and residents should not listen to false claims being peddled by my critics,” said Mr Ndathi.

Mr Ndathi told those who have declared to vie for his seat to give him a chance to serve the residents.

“They should leave me alone to deliver and wait until campaigns are officially announced and my seat becomes vacant. Right now I’m working and they should stop bothering me because the residents are interested in development this time,” he said.


And his Laikipia counterpart Joshua Irungu said power to lead is given by God and he was not shaken by those who had come out to contest for his seat.

“They are most welcome but I will defeat them,” said Mr Irungu who was the guest of honour during a funds drive in aid of the church.

Mr Irungu also told Central Kenya residents to register as voters to enable the Jubilee win the 2017 polls.