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You’re going nowhere, Kenyans tell Governor Kibwana after he hints political retirement

By PETER MBURU October 3rd, 2018 2 min read

Makueni Governor Kivutha Kibwana’s subtle hint of possible retirement from politics has not been well received by a vast majority of his admirers on social media.

This after Governor Kibwana posted a photo social media of himself in dusty shoes with arms folded while holding a conversation with a group of women in an extension corridor of a house.

The photo was accompanied with a brief message that read:

“Public life is a life of service; it is missionary work. In Makueni we listen to one another so that we can build consensus on how we want to develop. I enjoy sitting, talking and walking with our people. When I leave public life, I will dearly miss this aspect of my public political life.”

But many of his followers on social media couldn’t entertain the mere thought of the retirement of governor Kibwana, who time and again has moved the public with his humility and commitment to serving the people of his county.

A vast majority of his followers responded by telling governor Kibwana that he is not going anywhere. They even suggested that they would install him as the President of Kenya in 2022, whether by the vote or by force.


Prof Kibwana, who is the first governor of Makueni county, is serving his second and final term in office, having first been elected to office in 2013.

Regardless, his followers seem not prepared to imagine life without him in politics.

Augustus Mutemi Mbila wrote: “Dear Governor (Prof) Kibwana, kindly delete “When I leave public life” because you are not leaving it anytime soon. We are going to make you the President of the Republic of Kenya upende usipende. Ikishindikana we will amend the Constitution so that you serve as Governor for life.”

“Ati when you leave public political life? Bwana Governor you seem to have missed the memo that we are forcing you into State House in 2022!” Danne Njogu said.

“We are making you our president by force… continue assuming us but we are coming for you,” commented Wanjiru Murage.

“Ati “when I leave public service”? To where? You are not leaving public service anytime soon…You are the next president…. we need watu wa kazi hii Kenya,” Wilfred Hellon said while Everline Ombuna commented, “Please get used to addressing matters of national interest. 2022 we will forcefully drag you to State House and swear you in as president. Tumechoka.”