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Governor Lusaka caught on tape ‘blessing’ Johnny Walker whisky bottle – VIDEO

A video of Bungoma Governor Ken Lusaka “blessing” a bottle of Johnny Walker whisky presumably before consumption has emerged online.

In the video, Governor Lusaka is seen donning a Jubilee jersey and surrounded by friends and supporters.

He prays in his native Bukusu sub-tribe for the alcoholic content as he holds the bottle in his hands.

He prayed for wisdom and “strength in the lower abdomen”.

The video has caused excitement on social media.

Governor Lusaka pours libation while mentioning multi-party politics campaigner Masinde Muliro.

“We thank you Father for this Johnnie Walker black label, 12 years old. We ask you to help those of us consuming it to do so wisely. It should also give us strength in those sensitive areas and especially in the lower abdomen so to enable us perform the required duties (then bursts into laughter.)” the politician is heard saying.