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This what people think of Governor Mutua’s’ home improvement improvement

Machakos Governor Alfred Mutua has yet again turned himself into the subject of ridicule for an ill-advised ‘declaration of war’ on grass thatched houses in his county.

Governor Mutua on Wednesday launched a Sh50 million project which he said would eliminate grass thatches within four months.

The governor uploaded photos of himself on top a grass thatched house, removing the grass and replacing it with ‘Maendeleo Chap Chap’ branded corrugated iron sheets.

Mutua went ahead to advice Machakos residents to use bricks for construction as opposed to the low cost mud.

“I have today started a program that will provide free iron sheets to roof all identified grass thatched houses. This will mean that within four months, there will be no existing house in Machakos County that is grass-thatched. My initiatives in water, infrastructure, energy, housing, industrialization, education, etc are part of the new thinking and formula I am employing. During the campaign period for my re-election, I promised that I would provide free iron sheets and today I’m keeping my promise,” Mutua wrote.


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Kenyans online were however not amused with Dr Mutua’s latest publicity stunt, accusing him of prejudicing owners of grass thatched homes.

@mwendajam stated, “There is nothing inherently wrong with a thatched house. Grass is a comfortable natural material. The branding is also not in good taste. Empower the people economically.”

@chris_msembi tweeted, “What’s wrong with you? Shuka hapo… pay school fees for pupils or students in that homestead and tell the principal to indicate maendeleo chap chap in their result slip. PR left right and centre. ??”

@OnkendiPeter wrote, “My friend, must you brand the mabati? What happens 2 years down the line? I thought it’s your office doing the project not your party nor your person as an individual.”

@mtumarvin stated, “How sustainable is this? Handouts will not lift people out of poverty.”

@MwixMorena questioned, “Aish why should they be branded??  Is the blue colour not enough? Must you publicise that they are poor and county government helped them??”

@Agavament wrote, “I would wait for him to roof my house then repaint it. Can’t have a roof screaming Maendeleo Chap Chap.”