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Governor Mutua orders closure of all businesses in Machakos on census day

By Amina Wako August 19th, 2019 1 min read

All businesses in Machakos county will remain closed on the eve of the national census, Governor Alfred Mutua has announced.

Dr Mutua has also ordered that bars and entertainment joints which predominantly sell alcohol be closed from 6am on Saturday, August 24 until 6pm on Sunday, August 25.

He has further instructed that all markets and shops to close by 5pm on Saturday, August 24 and reopen at 9am on Sunday, August 25.

Factories, construction sites and other works will also be required to stop operations from Midday, August 24th until 6am on Monday, August 26.

“These stoppages and closures are to give workers and others enough time to travel to their homes for the census activity,” said Dr Mutua.

He further asked employers to give their employees time off to travel to their homes for the exercise.


“Census is important for allocation of funds and development funding. I again urge those who work out of town to make arrangements and go back to their villages to be counted because when they are counted in other counties they are denying Machakos their rightful finance allocations,” he said.

He warned that any violation of the directive will be met with punitive measures including cancellation of business permits and arrests.

“Those who will disregard these set times will incur heavy punitive measures that may include canceling of their business permits, arrests and hefty fines,” the governor added.