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Governor Mutua ‘reveals’ Uhuru’s whereabouts, but its a no-brainer – VIDEO

The Governor Machakos county Dr Alfred Mutua has ‘shed some light’ on the whereabouts of President Uhuru Kenyatta, who has not been in the public eye since he traveled to China about two weeks ago.

The last time President Kenyatta’s pictures were shared on the State House social media pages was on May 3, when he was meeting Global Fund Fund’s Executive Director Peter Sands at State House, Nairobi.

The president’s prolonged ‘absence’ on Saturday prompted concerned Kenyans to come up with the hashtag #FindPresidentUhuru on social media.

But Governor Mutua, who is a former government spokesperson, has allayed the citizens’ fear over the president’s whereabouts, only that its a no-brainer.

“The work of a leader is not to just go everywhere, finding every excuse to campaign and politicize. A President is a manager. He needs time to hold office meetings, get briefings and manage the economy. Uhuru Kenyatta is busy working because he has to do double work. Some of those who should be assisting him are busy playing politics, whereas our youth are struggling at home,”Mutua said on Sunday.

The Governor was speaking during the celebration church service of AIC Kasarani during the Women National Prayer Conference.