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Governor Mutua tarmacs 21km road in 3.5 hours, netizens don’t buy it – PHOTOS

By MWENDE KASUJJA December 22nd, 2017 3 min read

Netizens are unimpressed after Machakos Governor Alfred Mutua tarmacked the Kivandini-Masinga road at what he termed as “supersonic speed”.

The 21 kilometer road was done in a record 10 minutes per kilometer, bringing the total time spent to three and a half hours.

The strategy involved ensuring the machine that pours bitumen was followed closely by the one pouring gravel and then the compressor.

Mutua said he is using a new technology to tarmac all roads in the county in his effort to improve infrastructure.


“We spend too much time building roads in Kenya. Corruption, poor logistics and fear of embracing new ideas are among the reasons for the slow pace. We have proven today that it can be done and residents of Masinga will soon enjoy a well tarmacked road.

“The 21 kilometer road is one of 10 ongoing road projects in the County. Fully funded and constructed by the Machakos County government, machinery and our very own engineers,” he wrote in a Facebook post.


Critics however questioned the quality of the work done, claiming that it had not been layered properly and no time was given for the different layers to compact.

Josh Obare stated; “Are you kidding us? 100m in a minute means you are just spraying tar and doing top surface coating and underneath is loose earth that will rare its brown self in a month. There is a reason good things take time to do. Not wishing your people any ill will but everything you say smacks of poor workmanship.”


Fredrick Ndivo wrote; “Please stop building substandard roads in Machakos, you are short-changing your people from their right to durable and well-constructed roads. Once a road has been gone in Government records as paved, no more money will be allocated for it.”

Johnny Mandela commented; “Please just make us good roads we don’t care the time is taking a kilometer but roads that will be used by many generations to come. Don’t make roads that will only last during your serving terms. All in all…Goodjob.”


James Amolloh Jnr added; “He is just taking advantage of the fact that it never rains in that part of the country so he doesn’t have to worry about floods sweeping clean that thin layer of tarmac. Try that in Western Kenya and you’ll be tarmacking it on a daily basis! Anyway good job, at least you are doing something.”

John Kyalo wrote; “Thats good work. But my problem is the kind of tarmac i can see on the photos. You need more Bitumen mixed to ensure everything is strong. Thats why you can see scattered small stones all over. Thats waste. Follow all the right procedures for tarmac roads.”


Tabby Kilisso added; “And it’s taken 5 yrs to do the outering road that will last 100yrs with no potholes… Take your time and do a good job… Are you looking to go into the Guinness book of records!!! It’s not a competition…Kathiani road already has potholes.”

Katu Justus commented; “Dont be driven by pride, or show off that you are building a 1km road in 1 hour or whatever. No, let the contractor do a good job, follow all procedures for tarmacking a road. Because it’s not your money but the people of machakos’. Not just maendeleo chapchap but a value for their money.”

Mpingo Mweusi stated; “Inspect by knowing how many inches are the stones deeper before you apply the lami otherwise kukinyesha utajua maendeleo chap chap which could mean corruption inside it.”

Steve Ngugi wrote, “Are u serious Mhesh? Do you mean laying bitumen building as in digging, gravelling…Total construction works because I don’t think building a kilometre can take only 10 minutes.”

Mutua shared a video to illustrate how the process was conducted.