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Governor Mwangaza promises cash reward for county whistleblowers

Any whistleblower in Meru County who exposes county employees misusing public resources will be rewarded with Sh10,000, Meru Governor Kawira Mwangaza has said.

Governor Mwangaza has said she is keen on ending wastage of public resources in the county.

“If you report any theft of public resources or a revenue officer pocketing collections, you will get the Sh10,000. I want to ensure every coin is accounted for to benefit residents who deserve services and development,” she said.

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Speaking in Mitunguu, Governor Mwangaza also issued a warning to county staff who use county vehicles to drive themselves around to recreation places.

“Those who are assigned government vehicles should release the drivers to go home when working hours are over. If you spot a county vehicle parked outside a bar or night club report it to us and you will receive a reward of Sh10,000. I will personally give the money to the whistleblower once the vehicle is found and towed,” the governor said.

“All want to fight corruption in the county and ensure efficient service delivery for our people,” she added.

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She also revealed plans of putting in place secret squad that will keep an eye on staff to deal with absenteeism and corruption. In regard to that, the governor has encouraged the residents to be keen and report such cases.

This comes a few days after she announced changes in the Meru County Revenue Board in what she said is an effort to seal corruption loopholes.

The governor appointed Francis Mungai as the new revenue board general manager, replacing Mr John Ntoiti who has served for the last four years.

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