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Governor Nyong’o hospitalised in Nairobi after surgery

By JUSTUS OCHIENG September 14th, 2018 2 min read

Kisumu Governor Anyang’ Nyong’o is recovering at Aga Khan University hospital in Nairobi after a surgery on his left arm.

A statement by his communication secretary Aloice Ager on Friday stated that Prof Nyong’o slipped Tuesday evening and fell on a pavement while walking and fractured his left arm.

“With excruciating pain, he consulted a doctor in Nyeri and an X-ray was performed, revealing the fracture of the humerus bone,” read the statement.

Mr Ager said the Governor was in Nyeri County on Tuesday evening to attend the 2nd National Universal Health Conference.


“Yesterday (Wednesday), he addressed the conference in the morning wearing a sling on his left arm.”

Last year, Prof Nyong’o underwent a hipbone surgery at the University of California Hospital in San Francisco.

He left the country in December last year to seek specialised treatment following advice from an orthopaedic surgeon at the Aga Khan Hospital in Nairobi in February 2017.

In an opinion piece in a local daily early this year, Prof Nyong’o wrote that for almost a year, due to the constraints of the campaigns and election calendar, he had been surviving on painkillers regularly prescribed by his pain management doctor.

“Many may have observed me limping from time to time as we struggled for the betterment of our county and country,” he wrote.


“Without going into much detail, I have all along been waiting for an opportune moment for the hip replacement surgery as the last solution to my problem.”

In November 2016 while being driven to the Jomo Kenyatta International Airport for an early morning flight to Kisumu, the governor revealed that he had an accident on Kiambu Road.

“On the face of it, nobody was injured, although the car was badly damaged. I, therefore, continued with my journey to Kisumu without worrying much about any injury whatsoever.”