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New governor rejects ‘Your Excellency’ title

Bomet Governor Joyce Laboso on Tuesday told residents not to address her as ‘your excellency’, in the latest bid to endear herself to local folks.

Dr Laboso, who became the first female Governor in the Rift Valley region, reiterated that quality of service, not title, is what matters to her.

She appeared to go against the accepted norm by her colleagues, who have routinely been referred to as ‘excellencies’ in reference to their status as the top leadership in counties.


“I’m not interested in designated seats being ferried from one function to another where I’m presiding. I will be sitting on seats used by the other members of the community,” she said.

The new governor was speaking at the Bomet Green Stadium during a clean-up campaign meant to rid the town of plastic bags and other waste materials.

Dr Laboso’s predecessor, Isaac Ruto, has been accused by his critics of often carrying along a special seat, ferried by the employees of the county government, from one function to another for his use.