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Governor Ruto: Why I left for specialized treatment in South Africa

Bomet Governor Isaac Ruto’s return to the country on Friday was met with questions on why he sought medical attention abroad prompting him to explain the circumstances.

Mr Ruto, who arrived on Friday, said he was referred to a South African hospital by Nairobi Hospital and needed a surgery that would not involve cutting and stitching.

“As you can see, the operation was not done through cutting the face. They did internal access, what they call minimal invasion, and they use guided cameras and were able to do the job within three hours,” said Ruto.


The governor was put to task after Kenyans online mocked his decision to travel abroad for a “minor injury” even as doctors in Nairobi separated conjoined twins in the first ever sarcophagus surgery in Africa.

Mr Ruto said he was monitoring the online activity around the #IsaacRutoChallenge and saw it as a way of protesting police brutality.

The governor was injured after police used tear gas to disperse youths who had clashed during a football match in Silibwet Stadium.

Kenyans took to social media to mimic the facial Elastoplast while others likened his decision to seek treatment abroad to politicians’ lifestyle.