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Governor Simba Arati fires repentant drunk staff during midnight hospital visit

By Winnie Mabel September 20th, 2023 2 min read

Kisii Governor Simba Arati was on the warpath in the wee hours of this morning when he made an impromptu visit to Gesusu Level 4 Hospital at 1 am on Wednesday, September 20, 2023.

While inspecting the hospital, he went by the lab technician’s office and found the lab tech on night duty drunk.

The Governor then proceeded to have the manager of the hospital called, and he demanded answers on why a drunk person was being allowed to work within the premises at such a critical office.

“Give me the phone. Doctor, how are you? Can you get me somebody at the lab? The gentleman you have at the lab is drunk and smokes marijuana. You can’t have this kind of people in the lab. Can you do something right now?”

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Adding, “Bring somebody here tonight. I’m relieving him of his duties right now. Look for somebody to come and take over, and this young man should go home and go to rehab. And Doctor, you will explain to me how this person has been here for five months while you’ve seen that he is a drunkard and smokes bhang,” began Governor Arati.

The doctor on the other end of the phone call confirmed receiving reports of the lab technician’s appearance at work while drunk but did not know who continued allowing him to carry out his night duties. The doctor revealed he has had other cases of alcoholic staff who were fired before.

“We cannot accept this kind of thing. You are destroying all the trust. You know this is a big shame. Let us get him a bodaboda and make sure he gets home safe, but stop drinking alcohol, my brother. This is a big shame,” Governor Arati could be heard saying and telling the drunk staffer.

The young man admitted he was ashamed and apologized for showing up at work drunk. He asked the Governor to forgive him. The young man tried pleading his case, but the Governor was insistent that he go home.

“When you stop drinking alcohol and I am told you stopped completely, we will see if you will return. We simply can’t accept this,” added Governor Arati.

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