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Governors face eviction from Nairobi Secretariat over Sh19m rent arrears

The Council of Governors is facing eviction from their office in Nairobi over a Sh19million rent arrears that they have been unable to pay.

According to the Auditor General Edward Ouko, the governors risk being kicked out of their Secretariat located at Delta Corner, Westlands due to accrued rent arrears.

The Secretariat is maintained through remittance made by each of the 47 counties which have reportedly abdicated their responsibilities.

Ouko, a recent report for the financial year ended June 2017, note that most counties have not made their contributions, hence the Secretariat has accumulated a massive rent arrears that now stands at Sh19.37 million.

The Auditor General further warned that the offices risks being closed if the landlord takes legal action.


“The failure to collect budgeted receipts from the county governments while the planned activities are undertaken would adversely affect the continued operation of the council and financial sustainability of the secretariat. In the circumstances the secretariat being the tenant faces eviction and possibility of litigation,” Ouko said.

The secretariat offices not only accommodates its staff working for the council but is also used by the county bosses whenever they have official engagements in the capital.

In 2016 the Governors agreed that each county would contribute Sh12.5 million towards inter-governmental operations and an additional Sh2 million for devolution conferences.

However, only Sh290.2 million was received out of the total Sh681.5 million, with 20 counties failing to contribute even a single cent.