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Govt dismisses reports that Dedan Kimathi grave found at Kamiti

By Steve Njuguna October 26th, 2019 2 min read

The Interior ministry has dismissed as false, reports that the grave of freedom fighter Dedan Kimathi has been found at Kamiti Maximum Security Prison.

It was reported on Friday that the site where the Mau Mau war hero was buried had been found, 62 years ago after he was executed by the colonial government on February 18, 1957.

Via Twitter on Saturday afternoon, the ministry said, “Our attention has been drawn to news on some platforms that the grave of our freedom fighter Field Marshal Dedan Kimathi has been found at Kamiti Prison.

“Please note these claims are FALSE; such info will be relayed to the public only via our official communication channels.”


Following the reports on Friday, the hero’s family said it had prepared a site at their Kinangop home in Nyandarua County for a decent burial.
Widow Mukami Kimathi, 88, said she had prepared a site at her Njabi home.

She said she had always wished to give her husband a decent burial.

“It has been a long journey for us as a family but we are glad that we have finally located the place where the father of my children and freedom fighter was buried,” she said.

“I am glad that one of my wishes has come true.”


The family asked relevant authorities to give them orders to exhume the remains.

“All I want is for the remains to come home [sic]. My wish is for the government to make this a reality,” she said.

“My husband fought for the freedom of this country. It would only be wise to give him a decent send-off.”

Mrs Kimathi also called on the government to ensure other freedom fighters get land and live decent lives.


Ms Evalyn Wanjugu Kimathi, the youngest girl in the family, said they were ready to give samples for DNA tests.

“Our elder sister Grace is ready to have her DNA samples taken to prove that the remains are our father’s. We want the whole world to know the truth,” said Ms Wanjugu, who the Director of the Dedan Kimathi Foundation.

“He a was a hero … that is why we are calling on the government to ensure he is given an honourable send-off. If this is done, the wish of our mother and other freedom fighters will become a reality.”

The family announced on Friday that it had located the site at the prison in Nairobi.

In September, they launched a passionate appeal for the government to help them exhume the remains for a proper burial.

Before then, Mukami had asked the government to take seriously the mission to locate the site.