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Govt impose dawn to dusk ‘curfew’ on Kiambu dam where suspected lovebirds perished

Authorities in Kiambu County on Sunday announced a 6pm to 7am ‘curfew’ around the infamous dam where two lovebirds drowned on Jan 17, 2023.

Mr Tirus Maina Kiiru 39 and Fridah Kamuyu 22, perished in the dam after their car that they had parked at the edge reversed into the waters, drowning them in the 9.30pm incident.

Announcing the ‘curfew’, Juja Sub County Police Commander Ms Phyllis Muthoni said: “we have entered into an agreement with the County Government, Directorate of Criminal Investigations (DCI) and members of the public to ensure that no unsanctioned human activity shall be allowed to happen past 6pm until further reviewed”.

Ms Muthoni said the dam has been abused for some time now, leading to the infamous incident that has captured international attention on social media.

“That place is not a sanctioned recreation site…in any case, the dam is on private land and no license has been given to allow it being used for public picnics,” she said while briefing the committee.

Ms Muthoni said among crimes that those who flout the curfew will be charged with include environmental degradation, trespass, dumping, indecency and contravening lawful directives as issued now.

“Let us get you there and you will find yourself explaining in a court of law…” she said.

Mr Kiiru was buried in Mukurweini village, Nyeri County on January 27, 2023 while Ms Kamuyu is yet to be given her send off in Murang’a county’s Njiku village.

This came as Murera MCA, Mr Moses Ngatha, in whose ward the dam is located, said a proposal is underway to transform the site into a recreation facility complete with free Wi-Fi.

Mr Ngatha said he will push for the Kiambu county government to enter into an agreement with area land owners to consider selling off the dam so as it can be regularised as a park.

The fateful dam is one among five in one area that used to irrigate coffee plantations. The real name of the dam is Karia-ini. Situated near Titanic Hotel, revellers have given it the name Titanic dam.

The spot became a makeshift clandestine partying spot during Covid 19 containment measures where revellers would carry their thirst, hunger and lust to the spot and get creative to satiate the needs. When the Covid 19 scare was gone, the spot did not go and it has remained.

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