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Govt: Man who obstructed Uhuru was ‘excited’

Government spokesperson Cyrus Oguna has downplayed an incident in which a man intercepted President Uhuru Kenyatta’s motorcade in Lucky Summer, Nairobi, terming him as just “an excited citizen”.

In a statement on his Twitter handle, Oguna explained the incident should not be misconstrued as a security lapse, describing the man as just an overzealous citizen who was excited to see president Kenyatta.

“The individual is a citizen who was only excited to see the motorcade His Excellency President Uhuru Kenyatta. We wish to allay any fears that the President’s security was under threat,” he said.

Oguna’s comments on the incident came after a video of the incident went viral on social media with a section of Kenyans indicating it was a major threat to the President’s safety.

The man on Wednesday afternoon unexpectedly walked to the middle of the road and obstructed the President’s convey despite the head of state being the most protected man in the country.

Last week, there was more drama last week during the launch of Lamu port where a man attempted to accost President Uhuru while he was addressing at the function.

These two incidences made a section of Kenyans worried that the president’s security detail could be sleeping on their job.

The president’s security detail was forced to fend off the intruder who attempted to walk towards the Head of State when he was addressing a function in Lamu town.

The incident which was partly covered on Live TV occurred as the President was reading his speech at the main dais, moments after commissioning the country’s newest port.

In another incident that occurred in March, a motorist breached the president’s security and drove to State House.

The motorist had joined the presidential motorcade in Juja and followed them up to State House in another lapse of security.