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Government: No, this drug is not on sale in Kenyan chemists

The government has refuted claims that there is a drug on sale in Kenyan pharmacies which was allegedly manufactured in April 2016.

There was alarm and outrage among Kenyans online after an image of a drug called “FLAME” was shared widely with the wrong date of manufacture.

But in an advert, the registrar of the Pharmacy and Poisons Board, Dr Kipkerich Koskei, says the image did not originate from Kenya.

“This is to notify the general public that the above product “FLAME” is not registered in Kenya nor is it meant for the Kenyan market and the images above originated from outside Kenya.

PPB has requested members of the public to be on the lookout and report the product to the board.

The image started making rounds during an ‘expose’ on Twitter of a Mr Mwaniki of Pharmaceutical Society of Kenya who was accused of all manner of things.

Some Twitter users said he was responsible for the sale of the drug with incorrectly labelled manufacturing date.

However, a search through the internet traces the first image to several posts by Nepalese on Twitter.

There are also posts of the same image on Nigerian blogs.