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Govt refuses to register Tangatanga, Mafisi political parties

By Amina Wako September 19th, 2019 1 min read

The registrar of Political parties Ann Nderitu has refused to reserve the words Tangatanga Movement and Mafisi for use as political parties.

The groups had written to the registrar to have the names reserved.

Mafisi team presented three names, Mafisi Alliance Party (MAP), Mafisi Federation Party (MFP), and Mafisi Republican Party (MPP) while Tangatanga presented two names, Tanga Tanga Movement (TTM) and TangaTanga Movement (TTM).

However, in response, Ms Nderitu on Wednesday ruled that the suggested names did not comply with the constitution and the Political Parties Act 2011.

In a letter, she added that the names TangaTanga and Mafisi are offensive, noting that she had rejected them previously.

“Further to this and without prejudice upon registration of the party, the name shall not be in line with the Article 91 of the Constitution of Kenya. Kindly suggest other names for verification,” she said.


Tangatanga movement is one of the two informal factions within Jubilee Party. The Tangatanga team is inclined towards Deputy President William Ruto with their eyes focused on the 2022 successor politics. The other faction, Kieleweke, leans towards President Uhuru Kenyatta.

On the other hand, Mafisi (hyena) is a well-known phrase used in Kenya to describe randy men who chase after every girl or woman.

According to Ms Nderitu, the movements are free to continue operating as political groupings.

The Tangatanga Movement officials through their lawyers Legal 360 advocate ltd have written the Ms Nderitu to reconsider her decision.

“In the interests of uploading our client’s freedom of association and right to fair administrative action under Article 36 and 47 of the constitution respectively, kindly consider revisiting your decision and reserve TANGATANGA Movement for our client,” said the group.