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Govt reveals number of people put in mandatory quarantine – VIDEO

The total number of persons currently put in mandatory quarantine is 2,050, Health CS Mutahi Kagwe revealed on Sunday.

The individuals are placed in 14 different designated isolation places approved by the government.

CS Kagwe dispelled allegations made by Dagoretti South MP John Kiarie that the government was “sugarcoating” the real situation of the Covid-19 pandemic spread in the country.

“Let me make this clear that there is no country on earth that has been able to contain this disease on its own just existing health facilities, and going forward we know, that it is indeed very likely that our health facility can and could be overrun, by just the demands,” said Kagwe.

He added: “And while this may ultimately be the case and even more people may get into quarantine it is simply at the moment not true. So why would you wish as a leader of a society that 7,000 Kenyans should be in quarantine? And why would you think that the government is not telling you the truth? To hide it for what purpose? It is really disheartening.”

The Ministry of Health, in collaboration with the county government, is planning to expand the capacity levels in the country, to help accommodate the numbers if they rise.

“Fellow Kenyans I want to tell you that we are expanding our capacities of intervention measures particularly in the counties. I continue to urge Kenyans to observe hygiene, given the fact that we have 42 people now who are spread in the counties that we have established. If you look at the person next to you they might not have any sign that they are sick, but they could well be sick,” the CS added.