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Grade 3 teacher Cillah charms Kenyans with creative teaching methods- WATCH

Grade 3 teacher Cillah has captured the hearts of Kenyans on TikTok with her innovative and engaging teaching techniques.

Since she started recording her classes last year, her videos have gained widespread attention for their creativity and effectiveness.

As a lower primary school teacher deeply dedicated to her students, Cillah constantly finds new ways to help her learners absorb school material.

Her approach includes dancing and incorporating trending songs into her lessons, making learning fun and memorable.

One video has gone viral, sparking a lively discussion among Kenyans about her teaching style and attire.

In an interview with NTV, Teacher Cillah shared her journey and passion for teaching.

Despite her initial aspiration to become a high school teacher, her grades directed her towards teaching upper primary students.

She eventually found her calling in nurturing young pupils in lower primary classes.

“I feel fulfilled nurturing young pupils in my class from playgroup. I am a Grade 3 teacher right now and I love children. I wanted to be a high school teacher but my grades were low. I did upper class but I landed a job where I was taken to lower classes,” Cillah explained.

She expressed her challenges in dealing with parents, noting that accessing and communicating with them can sometimes become difficult.

“I complain about dealing with parents and not the child. Accessing a parent is usually hard for me. Some parents are hard to deal with because they don’t fully comply,” she said.

Despite these challenges, Cillah embraces her dual role as a teacher and a parental figure to her students.

“My babies know that when we do something and they are happy, they always ask to record it in class. I go through my videos and I am happy to see they understand. I record them but I don’t show their faces,” she added.

Cillah believes that incorporating games into education can significantly enhance children’s performance.

“Make it fun for the kids and they will understand more,” she emphasised.

She said she has yet to get her children.