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Grand Mullah-Donald Kipkorir bromance blooming

An unlikely bromance is blooming between city lawyers Ahmednassir Abdullahi aka the Grand Mullah and Donald Kipkorir.

The two, who have on different occasions squabbled over law society conference and even national elections, seem to have mended their relationship.

On Tuesday, Kipkorir tweeted how on arrival back home he was welcomed by a customized box of luxury dates from the Grand Mullah.

Ahmednassir’s package was Bateel brand of premium dates engraved with his law firm’s seal.

As his learned friend showcased the gift online, users noted how the two squabbled in the past adding that online fights should never be taken that seriously.

In 2017, while supporting the different political divides, the two had an ugly spat over their political inclinations.

Grand Mullah, Kipkorir in Twitter spat on election

Then in 2018 after the Law Society of Kenya annual conference, Ahmednassir accused Kipkorir of giving advocates a raw deal after registering for the conference with what he termed as a cheap package.