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Grand Mullah trashes Kagwe’s strategy in combating Covid-19

Outspoken city lawyer Ahmednassir Abdullahi has fired a salvo at Health Cabinet Secretary Mutahi Kagwe accusing him of lacking creativity in combating the Covid-19 pandemic in the country.

In a Twitter rant, the senior counsel upbraided the CS for feeding Kenyans with the same information over and over regarding the deadly coronavirus.

The lawyer trashed the hype about Kagwe, who has received countrywide and international accolades for his strategy in containing Covid-19 spread in the country, as mere much ado about nothing.

“Despite being NATIONALLY LIONIZED & WIDELY GLORIFIED, SC Kagwe & his team have for 4 weeks fed Kenyans the same menu of ‘today 4 people tested positive’,” opined Abdullahi.

The vocal lawyer who rarely shies away from speaking his mind, is of the opinion that strategies used by National Emergency Response Team on Covid-19 led by Kagwe have left Kenyans with more questions than answers raising doubts about their competency.

“Kenyans are not only very sceptical but are of the view that Kagwe and his team are “ALL HAT and NO CATTLE” simply not UPTO job,” he remarked.

According to the SC, Kagwe and his team would be of more benefit to Kenyans if they focused more on strategies that would help the common citizen in these difficult times, rather than suffocating them with repetitive information regarding recoveries and new infections and fatalities, every single day.

He went on to advise the Ministry of Health to come up with a robust plan which had clear direction on how to tackle the pandemic which has wreaked havoc nationally and globally.

“With no discernible strategy, no mass testing or total lockdown to break the chain of spreading the virus, Kagwe and his team are blindly leading us nowhere. How can we know how widespread the disease is without testing? What is the strategy to end the lockdown and reopen the country?” he queried.

The lawyer cautioned that, given the rate at which the malady was spreading, the CS might soon find himself with nothing new to offer Kenyans during his daily updates.

He appealed to the MOH to shift focus to prevention and control measures of pandemic in the country as opposed to his usual daily briefs.