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How Grand Mullah’s jibe helped Boniface Mwangi raise Sh600k for campaigns

Starehe MP candidate Boniface Mwangi had last week run out of campaigns funds and reached out to Kenyans for help. His tweet appeal for help was shared widely on social media.

But it was the heartless response of lawyer Ahmednassir Abdullahi that elicited mixed reactions. He fired back a tweet that was dismissive of Mwangi’s political ambitions.

The lawyer urged Mwangi to return to activism.

Grand Mullah’s vitriolic tweet saw Ms Ory Okolloh asking all Kenyans who disagree with the lawyer to send donations to Mwangi for campaigns.

The amount raised from the protest has since reached Sh630, 000 according to Ms Okolloh.

Mwangi started a campaign funds drive online months ago targeting to raise sh10 million.

Weeks after the campaign kicked off, the activist stated that he had only raised sh1.7 million, with 80 per cent of his donors donating Sh300 and below.

Mwangi is now targeting to raise Sh4 million to help pay off 300 polling agents, campaign merchandise and roadshows in the last two weeks of the campaigns.