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Granny looking for two babies lost after police raids

A family is having sleepless nights after two children went missing at the height of last week’s crackdown against terrorists in Eastleigh.

The children who were pupils at St Brigid’s Primary school near Pumwani Maternity Hospital disappeared on Friday as hundreds of security officers descended on the estate to flush out suspected terrorists and their financiers.

Eastleigh is regarded as the nerve centre of terrorist activities not only in the city but across the country.

The missing children’s grandmother, Amina Athmani who was living with them told NairobiNews that she had visited all police stations in the area to no avail. 

School uniform

“The children always get home before 2.30pm, but by 5pm on Friday they had not arrived. I started getting worried when the sun set and decided to comb the neighbourhood,” she said. 

No neighbour had seen the two girls. 

Mariam Athmani, 6, and Zainabu Athmani, 10.
Mariam Athmani, 6, and Zainabu Athmani, 10.

The girls, Mariam Athmani, 6, and Zainabu Athmani, 10, were in school uniform when they disappeared.

“The children always went to school by themselves everyday and came back home but on Friday, I couldn’t understand how and why they failed to come. When I contacted their teachers, they told me the children had left for home,” she said.

She fears that the children could have been kidnapped or picked up by police officers involved in the crackdown.

More than 3,000 officers took part in the swoop.

“Last year, three of my grandchildren got lost. I later discovered that a kiosk operator in this estate had kidnapped and dumped them near Makadara Police Station,” she said.