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83-year-old granny pleads guilty to possessing bhang worth Sh500

An 83-year-old granny who was arrested on Wednesday in possession of 600 grammes of marijuana has pleaded guilty to the charges.

Appearing before Nyeri Resident Magistrate Nelly Kariuki on Thursday, Lydia Mumbi Ndirangu pleaded guilty to being in possession of bhang worth Sh500 in Muthinga, Tetu constituency.

The local authorities affirmed that they had suspicions of the woman being part of a syndicate after tip off by the public.

According to police, Lydia has been buying bhang regularly in Nyeri and transporting it to Tetu constituency where her son is said to roll and sell to users.

The accused is said to have wrapped the bhang in banana leaves and carried it in her basket.

The granny will remain in custody until July 15 when she will appear in court.

The drug trafficking case is the second in a period of only two months in Nyeri.

In May, a court convicted a middle-aged woman to 30 years imprisonment without an option of a fine in Nyeri after she was found guilty of peddling bhang worth sh2, 820.