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Grenade couple linked to Al-Shabaab

Police have now linked a couple allegedly found with two grenades in Eastleigh to Al-Shabaab.

In an affidavit opposing the release of Mr Hassan Mahati Omar, a Muslim cleric and his wife Fardosa Mohamed, police said information revealed that grenades were smuggled into Kenya in preparation for attacks to be executed in crowded places by Kenyan Al-Shabaab supporters.

Mr Claus Shuma, an officer attached to the Anti-Terrorism Police Unit, said 20 grenades that Al-Shabaab operatives sneaked into Kenya were headed to key Islamic religious teachers in Nairobi.

“We followed leads, raided Mr Mahat’s house and recovered two grenades on April 1, 2014. The recovery of the remaining 18 grenades believed to be in suspects’ possession is under investigation,” he said.

According to the officer, the suspect is an influential person and if granted bail may jeopardise and interfere with the recovery of the remaining grenades.

Considering the series of attacks by Al-Shabaab operatives in the country, the officer noted that the couple remains a threat to national security.

“They know the strength of the evidence against them and the possibility of life imprisonment upon conviction; they may do anything possible to avert justice.”

He added that the possibility of the suspects engaging in terrorism activities was high and they should remain in custody until the case is concluded.

A ruling will be made on May 2.