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Tiktok ‘GSU officer’ who defamed YouTuber Eve Mungai arrested

The ‘General Service Unit officer’ who went viral for claiming YouTuber Mungai Eve used him to build her online career and dumped him after becoming successful has been arrested.

According to a source who spoke to Nairobi News on October 7, 2022, the ‘officer’ Mwendo Mailu is currently at the Kilimani Police Station.


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The man was arrested for impersonating a police officer and for making false claims against Mungai.

The source further said that Mungai would be going live on her social media platforms to give more details on this unfolding case in the course of the day.

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The arrest comes after Mungai issued a statement on October 5, 2022, saying she would take legal action against the officer for defamation.

Media personality Eve Mungai. PHOTO: COURTESY

She also called out media platforms for making the officer’s video go viral.

“Wild allegations have been made against me numerous times before and I have been vindicated. Interestingly, a video has circulated and it has suffered the same fate where I have been vindicated that it was for purposes of clout chasing and gaining followers via falsehoods and publication of unprintable lies by a person purported to be a police officer and is not,” Mungai said in part.

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She also said the author of the viral video spoke with her lawyers on the impact his claims had made on her businesses, peers and partners as he threatened her identity as a brand.

The man dressed in the GSU uniform claimed it was his old mobile phone that was used to make Mungai’s first 30 YouTube videos as she came on the scene; and had never been appreciated in any monetary form for assisting her to build her YouTube career.

It turns out he is a content creator with a YouTube channel called African Beast.

He also claimed to have financially taken care of Mungai and she left him when she became famous and rich. He later posted another video asking for forgiveness, claiming he was using the YouTuber to chase clout.

“I know you will understand. I am just a content creator. I did not do this with ill intentions. But now I understand my action could harm you and your brand and strain your relationships with the people you work with. I am sorry Eve Mungai. I apologize to the entities you work with and also your man, Trevor,” said the unidentified ‘GSU officer’.

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Here is another video where they are acting in a loyalty test, vlog.

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