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Guard to be jailed for “aiding” theft at premises

A security guard has pleaded guilty to charges of neglect to prevent theft at an apartment he was guarding.

His actions led to the theft of cash and property worth over Sh10 million. He is awaiting sentencing.

Gideon Kipkemoi Sang was charged with breaking into a building and stealing therein and the failure to prevent the commission of the burglary on June 26.

He is accused of failing to stop thugs who drove into the Bid Villa apartments in Parkland in Nairobi and stole two HP laptops, assorted jewelry (gold, silver, diamond, and artificial), and other items all valued at Sh10.2 million from Chandulal Kanji’s dwelling house.

Other items stolen include cash 10,000 USD, Ksh50,000, and a bag containing assorted clothes.

The thugs arrived in a car and Sang did not record details of the occupants or registration of the car.

But the suspect told senior resident magistrate Charles Mwaniki the reason he did not bother to take the car’s occupants’ particulars and their car is that the vehicle regularly drops home the occupant of the house they were visiting.

The thugs have been captured on CCTV footage carting away items from the house after breaking in.

They made more than two trips from the house to the car which was parked in the compound and the driver remained inside.

Sang was remanded awaiting a social inquiry report to be tabled before the court on July 15